Danny Brown recently visited Power 106’s Takeover Show for an interview with DJ Reflex.

Describing the process of making his latest album, Old, and its reception, Brown commented on the length of time it took to release the record. “I worked real hard on it, it took two years to make,” he said. “I took a year to record and a year writing it. I guess it’s like people say, ‘whatever you put into something you get back,’ so I’m happy with the way it’s been received.”

While on the show, Brown also detailed the type of music he listens to himself. “I been listening to that Arcade Fire album a lot, probably like everybody,” he said in reference to the Canadian band’s latest release, Reflektor. “But of course I love that album. I listen to Chief Keef a lot. I guess we can go right there, I’m either Arcade Fire or Chief Keef. I keep I guess you could say Electronic, and Rock music, and Rap ‘cause I can’t really get into Jazz and stuff of that nature, which is cool, I just know what’s my go-to.”

When asked about the latest release from another indie Rock band, the Arctic Monkeys, Brown described a possible similarity in sound to past releases from Dr. Dre. “It sounds real Dr. Dre-ey to me,” he said. “The second song I swear could’ve been on Chronic 2001 though. It’s tight.”

The Detroit emcee also described the exhausting process of performing. “Right now I’m just trying to have a ton of rest so I can go out and perform these records,” he said. “I probably been on the road for the last two or three years, not too much time off and I’m still trying to keep it going. So now it’s all about worrying about health and stuff like that.”

The XXX rapper also commented on wanting his shows to function differently than the status quo among Hip Hop concerts. “You know how you go to a lot of normal rap shows and it’s a head bob, throw your hands in the air kind of atmosphere? I didn’t like that as a kid, going to stuff like that,” he said. “So, I more so want to look at my shows like a house party maybe. Just like a party, we all having fun, we just in here listening to some songs we like. I don’t want to be looked at like a guy on stage rapping.”

DJ Reflex also asked Brown about what makes a performance go awry. “You play so many shows you’re gonna have some good ones and some bad ones,” he said. “It’s been a lot of times where I was probably just performing for the wrong crowd, being the opening act on a lot of things. They not coming for the opener, they coming for the headline. As bad as a lot of those shows was, I gained a lot things through that, ‘cause it could be a lot of times where I felt like I played a terrible show and then I meet somebody at one of my shows that went pretty good and they was like ‘I seen you at the bad show and that’s when I got up on you.’

“One thing that I hate, and it’s something that you can’t really stop, I hate to see a person yawn. Everybody yawns, you there standing up all day, you tired, but I hate being on stage performing and you look and some guy just yawns at you.”

Broaching the topic of Brown reportedly receiving oral sex during a performance in Minneapolis, DJ Reflex asked the rapper to confirm the incident. “I mean, yeah, things happen sometimes,” he said. “I had a great time, I could say. That’s not something I want, ‘cause I know me as a dude in the crowd the last thing I want to do is see the artist’s dick. That could be a little indecent exposure at times. That’s just disrespectful for all my dude fans.”

Transitioning into a short conversation about Internet pornography, Brown described two production companies he alluded to watching. “That might be a Bang Bros thing, I’m with them, they cool,” he said. “I like Brazzers more though, they have the true HD, it’s very real. The true HD is very intense,” he said with a laugh.

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