When you watch MTV cribs have you ever thought, “Is this really where they live?” Well apparently for the episode that Ja Rule shot in Miami it actually wasn’t living like that. Some of you may remember that episode with Jay-Z pulling up by boat and Vin Diesel hanging around Ja Rule held a big summer cookout. Now Ja Rule’s label Murder Inc, MTV and Universal studios are being sued by Jeanette Varela (Shaquille O’Neal’s new neighbor) because she says her home that she rented to Murder Inc was severely damaged.

The 8,000 square foot home was rented in May of 2001 for the Memorial Day weekend and Ja Rule allegedly threw a lavish party that left holes in her walls, broken doors, destroyed furniture, cracked tile in her driveway and numerous syringes and condom wrappers all over. During that weekend MTV filmed the entire home for an episode of MTV Cribs profiling the home as Ja Rule’s “Miami” residence. Under the alleged rental agreement the residence was to be used for four days with a maximum of eight people staying on the premise. Instead more than 600 people arrived by bus, boat and other means of transportation the lawsuit says. Varela says Universal Studious has also benefited due to the fact they used their footage from “The Fast and the Furious” during the MTV Cribs shoot. Varela has rented out her Star Island home to many people before but doubts she will again. “There was a time when, if you had a major star, there were few homes that were available to rent,” Carlos Justo said. “But she rented a lot. She was like the only game in town.” So it’s apparently true, you can believe everything you see.