King of the Dot’s Lush One recently spoke with HipHopDX about the greatest battles of 2013. According to Lush One, Bigg K and Illmaculate had the best head-to-head match-up of the year. 

“This set the bar higher for all battles,” Lush One said of the “Battle of the Bay 6” face-off. “The combination of the production value of the editing, the tense atmosphere, crowd dynamics, & the lack of any discernible mistakes make it amazing. Not to mention the level of lyricism.” 

Yesterday (December 26), Okwerdz noted that he also felt Illmaculate and Bigg K had the best battle of the year

Lush One Praises KOTD’s Danny Myers Vs. Rum Nitty

Another battle that Lush One praised was between Danny Myers and Rum Nitty, another Fresh Coast match-up, also from “Battle of the Bay 6.” 

“This was an incredible year for the Fresh Coast,” Lush One said. “Our most successful, consistent and overall best since 2009. The new class of Fresh Coast stars is best exemplified by this battle. Pure Hip Hop at its finest.”  

Lush One Celebrates Daylyt Vs. Head Ice

To round out his list of the year’s best three battles, Lush One celebrates Daylyt versus Head Ice, a one-round bout that took place at “Battle of the Bay 6.” 

“[This was] an amazing juxtaposition of styles,” Lush One said. “As authentic and unique as it gets, once again anchored by Kyle [‘Avocado’] Gray’s amazing editing skills. Watts versus Harlem.  It’s a one round battle, but longer then many three rounders.”  

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