has released its list of “Hip Hop Album Sequels We’d Love To Hear.” The site says that follow-up albums are tricky undertakings.

“The prospect of following up an outstanding work not only builds unreasonable expectations, but also creates the possibility of tarnishing the legacy of the original work,” the article says. “Although, when sequels work well, it’s among the most satisfying feelings a fan can have. Take The Godfather II, for example, which operates as a flawless companion piece to the original, providing context and further fleshing out characters.”

A second installment of Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city, is the #1 album on’s list.

“Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city is a modern storytelling masterpiece, so why not follow it up where the album left off?” says. “Possible topics could include reconciling Kendrick’s past life with his newly minted stardom, and the pressures and expectations brought on by his early success. There are endless directions Kendrick could take his narrative, which may be what makes this possibility so tantalizing.”

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