In November, Chris Brown was ordered to attend a 90-day live-in anger management rehabilitation program.

Reportedly thinking that Brown could benefit from the experience, the singer was given leave to attend a celebrity toy drive on Melrose Avenue on Sunday (December 22), according to TMZ.

However, the rehab facility placed restrictions on Brown’s visit.

Apparently, the singer was only given permission to attend the event from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, and will be drug testing Brown when he returns.

Last week, Chris Brown’s probation in his 2009 Rihanna assault case was revoked due to recent assault charges against Brown in Washington, D.C.

Reportedly, a reason Brown was not taken into custody after getting his probation revoked was because of the progress he has made in the anger management program.

The judge in Brown’s case will hold a hearing in February, and could sentence Brown to prison time then.

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