Pusha T, who released his My Name Is My Name album in October, says he’s set to begin work on his next album, King Push, in January. 

“I don’t know when I’m dropping the next one, but I can tell everybody January 2, me, Chad [Hugo] and Pharrell are going in the studio for 20 days,” Push told Miss Info. “That’s what’s going to start off the King Push album….The title is definitely King Push.”

“King Push” is also the name of a song on My Name Is My Name. In September, Push spoke about the track and its title. 



“It’s just my proclamation to it being my time,” Pusha T said in an interview with MTV. “All eyes on me. ‘King Push.’ I’m saying it. I’m in the best space, I feel. It’s just telling you, all I could give you is my lyrics. That’s all I want to give you. This is all I’m about. I’m not singing hooks to you. This is raw. This is uncut. You’ve gotta listen to me to like me, to love me. This is for that person.” 

Pusha T recently said Kanye West and Pharrell are interested in producing a Clipse project.

“They both are like—and I don’t even wanna bring this conversation up any further than this statement, but they both are like, ‘Yo, we just need to do the whole Clipse album. Both of us. And that’s it,’” Pusha said.



The Neptunes worked extensively with Pusha T as a member of Clipse. The Neptunes produced much the group’s debut album, Exclusive Audio Footage, which was never released. The Neptunes also worked extensively on Clipse’s albums, 2002’s Lord Willin’, 2006’s Hell Hath No Furyand 2009’s Til the Casket Drops.

During an October interview with HipHopDX, Pusha spoke about his friendship with Pharrell.

“To me, Pharell just brings a level of musicality that’s unmatched,” Pusha saidexclusively to HipHopDX. “Like that guy is just… He’s a real music guy. You know, 100 percent, like he’s a real music guy. To me, it’s a teaching situation, and I sit there as a student. I sit there as a student and call it a day. I just listen to the advice and the direction he gives me in regards to some of the beats he hands over…I’ve been lucky to be blessed with my best friend who happens to be a super producer who lived, you know, actually up the street from me.”

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