Last week, Wale threatened Complex staff for failing to include the rapper in one of their year-end lists.

Now, Houston, Texas native RiFF RaFF has lashed out against New York radio station Hot 97 for what he claims is racist and duplicitous behavior.

Specifically, RiFF RaFF took to Twitter, calling out Hot 97’s program director, Ebro Darden, for allegedly changing the results of their “battle of the beats” poll:



Riff Raff claimed that Ebro lied about the rules of the competition, which he believed ended at 5:00 PM on Friday (December 13).

Riff Raff continued, stating he that he would never do another interview with Hot 97 again, calling Ebro a cheater:






Ebro eventually responded, calling Riff Raff a “goofball,” and stating that he wasn’t a good rapper.





This back-and-forth isn’t the first time Ebro and RiFF RaFF have been at odds. In May, during an interview with Hot 97, Ebro compared the rapper with Vanilla Ice, leading to a heated interview:

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