A$AP Ferg, who released his Trap Lord album this year, says his project is his favorite in 2013.

“My shit was [my favorite album],” Ferg said in an interview with MySpace. “Mine was the most innovative. It’s the freshest music, it’s nothing you ever heard before. It’s new everything. I was the first nigga to integrate the old artists with the new artists on new tracks. To have legendary niggas do songs with young niggas that’s coming up in the game, I was the first to do that. Not only that but I have a fresh new sound that’s going to be relevant the next year and the year after that. I was doing album cuts when nobody was doing album cuts. My shit is just the bomb. The way my album is sequenced, it’s just like one big ass song. You can run through the whole album from start to finish. There might be some songs you can relate to more than others but that album has a song for everybody. It has one for your mother to listen to, it has one for your grandmother to relate to, there’s a song for your fucking pastor to relate to. There’s a song that you can listen to to get turnt up up in the club. There’s all types of shit for people to relate to.”

In June, Ferg spoke about Trap Lord’s sound.

“It’s a really, really good album,” Ferg said in an interview with HipHopDX. “It’s put together very intricately, and I hand-picked all the artists I wanted to go on there. Nothing is mistakenly done. Everything is done on purpose, and everything is meant to be on that piece of history. I got Onyx on there; I got Onyx and then I put Aston Matthews on the same track with Onyx. I got a song called, “Lord” with the whole Bone Thugs family, and then I got a track with Clams Casino, which is crazy. It’s called, ‘Uncle.’ That’s like a whole Tyler Perry movie within itself. I got a song with A$AP Rocky, which is stupid. I don’t want to quote it, but I saw a lot of good things going on with it.”  

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