Numerous artists use Twitter to promote their upcoming shows and other events.

Others also use Twitter to allow fans know when false promoters are scamming fans.

Recently, Pusha T fell into the latter group, calling out a person who allegedly set up fake meet-and-greets.

Pusha continued, telling fans that charging them to meet him would be petty.

Pusha T took particular offense to the scam because of his own personal history:

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Pusha T spoke to HipHopDX about that personal history, explaining that he never had a “good reason” for hustling. “Mine was just built off of greed, wrong decisions and wrong choices,” he said. “So I never had those… I never had those great reasons. That’s why I just tell you my mentality, so you know what I’m saying and what I was thinking at the moment. You don’t have to agree with what I was thinking, and I probably don’t agree with what I was thinking at the moment. But as long as you can see from point A to point Z, you should understand it.”

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