Although comments Trinidad James made last month about New York rap have primarily drawn reactions from those based in the city, Atlanta rapper T.I. did recently share his thoughts on James’ claims that the South runs New York rap.

While speaking with, T.I. clarified that James’ comments about Hip Hop were made on behalf of James and not all of Atlanta. He also spoke on the “All Gold Everything” rapper needing a little more experience in the genre before comments like the ones he made last month will be accepted and not ridiculed.

“Trinidad is authorized to speak on Trinidad. That’s one,” said T.I. “And this is not a derogatory statement towards Trinidad, but he can’t speak for me. And since I am a part of Atlanta, I don’t think it’s adequate that he speak for the entire population of Atlanta. So, I just don’t think that, with all due respect, I don’t think he’s come that far and walked that walk enough yet to where that will be accepted without ridicule.”

The Atlanta rapper, who says he traveled to and from New York as a youth, later addressed matters of respect during his interview. T.I. specifically spoke on men and respect and also shared his belief that men will respect those who are “worthy of respect.”

“I’ve never had a problem with a real nigga,” said T.I. “Not to my knowledge. You know what I mean? I’ve never really had a true issue that could not be discussed, resolved, and moved past, with a real nigga. If we really at a knockdown, drag out where it’s me or him, you should question his character. I mean, just because man, like I think before you a celebrity, before you a rapper, before you a anything, you are a man first. And men respect men. If I am a man holding myself as a man of integrity and I’m going to Brooklyn with my accent. They’re not gonna say ‘Aw man, get that mothafuckin nigga out there cause—.’ They gon’ say ‘Hold up man, he talking funny but what he saying? He saying something though. While you bullshitting y’all might need to listen to this nigga, man. Gon’ head and finish.’ Men are going to—we gonna respect what is worthy of respect.”

In addition to T.I., another Southern rapper who recently shared their thoughts on James’ comments about the South running New York rap was Port Arthur, Texas wordsmith Bun B.

“We can’t be critical, too critical of situations because we have to keep everything in its proper perspective,” said Bun while speaking to MTV in regards to James’ remarks. “Hip Hop started in New York, so if you’re an emcee…you’re already trying to be like New York, so it don’t make sense for somebody to say New York tryin’ to be like them.”

Trinidad James has garnered criticism from artists from various regions of the country when he proclaimed that the South runs New York rap and rappers from the area “might as well tell they from Atlanta.”

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