When asked about fellow Atlanta emcee Trinidad James’ comments about the South running New York rap, Waka Flocka Flame took James’ comments one step further as he stated that the South doesn’t just run Hip Hop, the region runs music period.

During his interview with Vlad TV, Waka mentioned Kendrick Lamar and revealed that while the Compton rapper did warrant some attention for the West Coast, in his opinion the South is still at the top musically.

“The South run music period,” said Waka. “They don’t just run one region, one state, one genre, the South run music. That’s just what it is. You know what I mean? Kendrick Lamar made the [bar] look West, but the South still winning. Like that’s what it is. It’s friendly competition. Some people just get carried away.”

Waka followed up his comments about the South’s dominance in music with a few boastful words about his past tour with Steve Aoki. The Riverdale, Georgia rapper referred to his tour with Aoki as “the number one tour” he’s been on since the start of his career and commented on the camaraderie between artists.

“This tour, it’s the best I ever been on in my life, ever,” said Waka. “Any collab I ever did. It’s the number one tour by a long shot. Like it’s making every tour I’ve ever been on go in the garbage. This and Europe, best tour in my life…Niggas ain’t competing onstage. Niggas was real friends back there, man. We going [paintballing]. We doing crazy shit. Skydiving back here, man. We living life.”

Comments Waka made in regard to James’ remarks about the South and New York rap, come one month after the “All Gold Everything” rapper let loose his thoughts on music during a performance at the Converse Rubber Tracks show in New York City.

In the middle of his performance, the rapper proclaimed that the South runs New York rap as he informed attendees, “I remember when New York ran this shit, dog…And us in the South, us bammas, we was like ‘what the fuck’ and we just did our own thing. But now we run y’all musically.”

In the months since James’ shared his critique of New York rap, the Atlanta wordsmith has received criticism from a number of New York City-based artists including N.O.R.E. and Maino. Maino remained the most vocal in his criticism of James’ comments and even demanded an apology from the rapper during a recorded phone call between the two artists last month.

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