Freddie Gibbs dissed Jeezy via Twitter yesterday (December 8). 

Gibbs posted a series of Twitter updates that also alluded to a Jeezy diss record coming soon. 

In the Twitter posts, Gibbs also called himself the undisputed underground king. Gibbs also promoted ESGN as well as his upcoming Cocaine Piñatas project. 

Gibbs’ Twitter updates can be viewed below.

In July, Gibbs spoke about his experience under Jeezy’s CTE imprint.

“I just need to set myself apart from Jeezy right now,” Freddie Gibbs said during a recent interview with the Murder Master Music Show of UGS Radio. “I had to break away from that fake-ass shit and establish myself, and that is what I was trying to do from the get go, but it didn’t work. It was me having to push my own line right now. I couldn’t let this whole year pass waiting on another situation.”

During that interview, Gibbs also addressed a feud with Jeezy.

“It was him saying one thing and it not being it,” he said during the interview. “I don’t have no personal problem or anything of that nature because I didn’t deal with him on a personal level. We was together a lot, but we was never really cool like that. It just came down to a person lying to you and fuckin’ wit your family and future and how your family eat. So when a person tells you that you are signed to this label and that’s not the case, then then that’s a lie. Jeezy out his mouth told me that I had a deal with Epic and I was ready to go full throttle with this shit, but that wasn’t the case. He lied. He made me look stupid. I just got tired of playin’ the fool and I’m not just one of them guys that’s happy to be around you. I got my own brand and my own fan base.”

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