A$AP Mob and Pro Era have both emerged as two prominent crews in New York Hip Hop today.

However, rumors have emerged that two crews are beefing.

In a recent interview with New York’s Hot 97’s Ebro and Peter Rosenberg, A$AP Mob denied any such riff, which has had fans and emcees alike speculated about the beef, as illustrated below in a tweet by Brooklyn’s Sean Price:

“Negative,” said A$AP Ferg during the interview. “Those are the little bros.”

A$AP Nast suggested that a perceived rift between the groups may have occurred when A$AP Nast released his “Trillmatic” track, which features Method Man. “I mean, I’ve been hearing about it, and I feel like it’s been recently sparked now that I put out the ‘Trillmatic’ record, and they feel like, you know, we’re jacking they sway with the whole ’90s thing.”

Nast confirmed that he wasn’t referring to members of Pro Era, but instead fans. “I’m not talking it as any Pro Era/A$AP ’til any of them speak up and say something directly,” he said. “I never really take it as beef unless you say my name…”

A$AP Ferg reaffirmed that there was no beef. “Hell no, those are the little homies. We was just on tour with them.”

Nast spoke on the group’s choice to collaborate with Method Man. “I just feel like he represented the ’90s, and he was one of the most underrated rappers that was killin’ it in the ’90s, that had a flow, and I just wanted to see what that was about.”

Watch the interview below:

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