Former Roc-A-Fella Records member Peedi Crakk said in 2010 that Jay Z took Young Gunz member Young Chris’ flow and swag. In an article published on today (December 6), Young Chris was more diplomatic, saying that he appreciates any time people bring him up when discussing Jay Z.

“It’s a blessing being mentioned in the same breath as Jay,” Young Chris says. “Let’s start there. I ain’t going to take none of this for granted or be big-headed. Steel sharpens steel. We all in the studio. Things rub off on each other. That’s just how it happened. I might have learned things from him. He might have learned things from me. You’re never too young. I got younger guys that I still learn from ‘til this day, you know?”

Young Chris also said that Jay Z reaches out to him to congratulate him on the moves he’s making as an independent artist.

Niggas like Jay respect it,” says Young Chris, who is slated to release his Vital Signs EP December 10. “Jay will hit me out the blue when he see me doing something. For instance, when I was on tour with Wale, [he was like,] ‘Stay out there.’ ‘Do more dates.’ Hey, he might see a video, ‘Yo, I see you. I like that “Alive” joint. Yo, that shit hit close to home. That shit remind me of State Property days.’ You know stuff like that from fans keep me going. So, to hearing that from Hov is….keep pushing.”

Even though State Property lost momentum when former Roc-A-Fella Records partners Jay Z and Dame Dash split, Young Chris says he is still on good terms with both of them.

“Those my boys,” Young Chris says. “There was no bad blood with me. I’m too loyal for motherfuckers sometimes and they take advantage of it. I feel like I’m never going to change though. I’mma meet that genuine mothafucker that’s going to respect it and be genuine back. Not to say that Dame and Jay are not genuine. It’s just we’re in different spaces in our lives at this time. I got caught up in the sweep. Them guys gave us an opportunity. They tried. You can’t say they didn’t try, bro.”

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