Drake has announced that he is slated to build a recording studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Strawberry Mansion High School. 

The school, which serves more than 400 children, was considered one of the most dangerous schools in America, according to ABC News.

“In the next few months, I’m building a recording studio inside your school,” Drake said to the students. “This about you. This about your principal. This about your future. I love you. I care about you. I want to see you succeed.”

The rapper said he was inspired by a “World News With Diana Sawyer” report that featured Strawberry Mansion. 

“I caught this piece that Diane did, and by the end of it I was so heavily effected I started like questioning like major aspects of my life,” Drake said in an interview with ABC.

In Diane Sawyer’s original piece, a student of Strawberry Mansion speaks about her lack of hope.

“I don’t dream,” a student says in the piece. “Why would I have hope if I know, well, I think, ain’t nothin’ gon’ change about this school or this neighborhood.” 

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