Yesterday (December 4), Sway Calloway addressed his recent argument with Kanye West.

“I love Kanye West,” Sway said on MTV’s “Rap Fix Live.” “That’s my little brother. If you got a chance to see the interview, it got really intense. I will admit to that. But everything Kanye said, I think is true. In fact, I believe in everything that he’s trying to do. I think we all should listen to the message that’s in everything he said in the interview.” 

That being said, Sway said he disagreed with one statement made during the West interview and played back the portion of their discussion where Kanye West says Sway Calloway does not have “the answers.”

On “Rap Fix,” Sway revealed a T-shirt that reads: “I got the answers.”

Sway said the T-shirts are available for purchase at At press time, the site was not available. Several attempts to access the website were met with the following message: “Error establishing a database connection.” 

On “Rap Fix,” Sway also responded to various memes that have been made about the West interview.

“The Internet was going crazy,” he said. 

During his show, Calloway also praised Kanye West for his work with adidas.

“Congratulations on the deal with adidas,” Calloway said. 

More from “Rap Fix” can be viewed below, followed by the interview Sway references.

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