With a newly-released album under his belt, Houston rapper Devin The Dude took some time to speak with fellow lyricist B-Real about One For The Road, his plans on touring, and more, during the Cypress Hill emcee’s Smoke Box segment.

According to Devin, his new album, One For The Road, boasts a more “mature” sound compared to past projects. He says the album was made for riding to and gives the listener “something to think about.”

“It’s a pretty cool album,” said the rapper. “It’s called One For The Road simply because, you know what I’m saying, there’s music out there that’s strictly based for the club or some place for the radio. But this one right here, it’s for the whip…It’s based more on the mood of being on the road versus the sound of a big sound. It’s just the mood of being carefree, nothing to worry about…And give you something to think about really. Nothing really to dance to. It’s just something to think about. I guess it would be considered a more mature album. Meaning I say ‘bitch’ a lot less or ‘pussy.’ I don’t say ‘pussy’ too much.”

Prior to speaking on One For The Road, which was released in mid-October, Devin recalled hearing rap trio Run DMC rap about weed on their record, “Here We Go (Live At The Funhouse)” and Schooly D’s “cheeba cheeba y’all” tagline.

“And then when Run and them came out…And I was just always just tripping on it because we were smoking at the time when I was hearing it,” said Devin. “Like ‘Woah these mothafuckas are doing the same shit that we’re doing.’ You know what I’m saying? I was tripping. It was like I got a chance to actually start recording after breakdancing got kinda commercialized and people tried to water it down and stuff. Just like they trying to do Hip Hop now.”

With the release of One For The Road now behind him, Devin says he hopes to promote the album with a tour that will begin early next year.

“Yes, they’re trying to get something together right now,” he said. “Starting in like the middle of January 2014…But hopefully before it gets too cold. You know what I’m saying? But regardless I’d like to—we’ll rock in the snow if we have to. So, probably January, middle of January we gon’ start hitting the road and promote the new album, One For The Road.”

Released on October 15, One For The Road serves as Devin The Dude’s eighth studio album and includes guest appearances from Rob Quest, Kiddrick James, and more. The album’s release comes over 15 years after the release of the rapper’s Rap-A-Lot debut, The Dude.

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