Okwerdz, who has has battled for Grind Time Now and King of the Dot in the past, recently spoke with HipHopDX about the best battles of 2013. According to Okwerdz, Illmaculate versus Bigg K was the battle of the year, a match-up that appeared on King of the Dot.

“I chose this as the best battle of the year because honestly it was just more refreshing and original than the typical word association Madlib game we’ve been getting from battling lately,” Okwerdz says. “One guy, a phenomenal up-and-comer/one-line puncher and the other one of the best writers in the whole game at painting a picture and thinking outside the box with crazy rhymes and freestyles. This is a great match-up where both emcees were at the top of their game and there was a great mixture of personals, jokes, metaphors, freestyles and rebuttals back-and-forth to keep any battle fan thoroughly entertained, Illmac’s third round was one of my favorite rounds in a long long time. Wow.” 

Okwerdz Celebrates KOTD’s Dizaster Vs. Arsonal

Beyond this, Okwerdz also listed two other matches that he felt were deserving of mentions in 2013.

Dizaster versus Arsonal,” Okwerdz says. “Many top tier match-ups don’t end up delivering, but to me, this was the best big name battle of the year. Lots of intensity and unfinished business due to their first battle getting shut down by police years back. This match-up is perfect for every reason. The two loudest and most-viewed American battle rappers in the business going head-to-head. Both freestylers. Both known to rhyme forever. Both animated and have crazy rhyme patterns. Matches with this much built up animosity usually lead to great battles. I felt this was Dizaster’s best performance of the year and he just set himself up for another KOTD title match.” 

Okwerdz Praises KOTD’s Real Deal Vs. Rone

Finally, Okwerdz named another King of the Dot match as a potential battle of the year, a face-off between Real Deal and Rone. 

“For my third pick, I was thinking either Cruger versus Conceited or Pass vs RemyD, but I ultimately decided to go with what I felt was a more underrated battle,” Okwerdz says. “This was my favorite joint from KOTD’s ‘World Domination 4’ event. It’s like every round, I think I have a clear winner and then the next round the other emcee kills it even harder and sets the bar even higher. That’s always a recipe for classic. Much like when people dislike each other, when both emcees are good friends, it always makes for a crazy battle as tons of personals and crazy angles get dropped all over this one.”  

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