RiFF RAFF’s new web series, “RiFF RAFF REALM,” debuted on Complex TV today (November 21).

In the premiere episode, the Houston-native highlights his favorite sneaker of the week and interviews daredevil Brad Thunderberry.

He also reviews various pictures of hair-dos with hairstylist Yasmine during a segment entitled “Funza Zone.”

Watch episode 1 of “RiFF RAFF REALM” below.  

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Originally scheduled for 2013, RiFF RAFF’s debut album, NEON iCON, is now expected in January 2014.

In a recent interview with LA Weekly, the former reality show star explained why the album was delayed.

“This is gonna be my best work so that’s why it’s taking so long,” said the artist born Horst Simco. “We wanna make sure that all the songs are the best. It’s not a mixtape. It’s not going to be like my normal stuff that I just put out. [First single] ‘Dolce & Gabbana’ as far as I’m concerned that ain’t going to be on the album. It ain’t good enough for my album.” 

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