Swizz Beatz, who gained notoriety early in his career through work with DMX, says he is focused on reconnecting with the Dark Man X as the executive producer on the rapper’s next album. Swizz Beatz spoke about his bond with X during a recent interview with MTV.

“Everything is DMX for me right now,” Swizz said. “It’s my main focus because it’s what started everything. So, if I don’t focus on that, then it’s just not right. He’s been going through a lot of different things, but he’s DMX. He’s good. He’s in good vibes. But wait until y’all hear this music though. Y’all gon’ really know how he is. We working hard on that and I can’t wait.”

In October, DMX’s publicist told HipHopDX that X and Swizz were working together extensively.

“Swizz and X are always working on a song,” Nati said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “Swizz is producing several tracks on X’s album that he’s working on.”

Swizz Beatz Discusses The Lox’s Upcoming Album

Swizz Beatz has also worked with other former Ruff Ryder colleagues. Beatz has been a part of the yet-to-be completed Lox album. During the interview, Beatz also spoke about how the project is progressing. 

“It started off as a great concept, but I’m gonna leave that up to Styles [P], [Jada]kiss and Sheek,” Swizz said. “We’re already 10 joints in already. Khaled definitely has an ear for music…but it’s what the Lox think.”   

In October 2012, Sheek spoke with MTV about contributions from Swizz and Khaled in the album.

“The last meeting I had was with Swizz and Khaled and they’re executive producing this new Lox album,” he explained. “So far, we’ve got like 12 bangers of big, big records. I was just in the studio the other night with us and Alicia Keys working on the Lox project and get ready y’all. I’m sorry for the delay and the wait, but this joint is gonna be monstrous, man.”

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