Detroit rapper Eminem provided insight into his newly-released The Marshall Mathers LP 2, specifically “Bad Guy,” a song that serves as the album’s introductory track, during a recent interview with Sway of MTV News this week.

Following Sway’s comments on the similarities between “Bad Guy” and The Marshall Mathers LP record “Stan,” Eminem revealed that “Bad Guy” is where the continuation from The Marshall Mathers LP begins. He also referred to the track as an introduction to the album and a sampling of what fans can expect from the rest of the records featured on the LP.

“Making the ‘Bad Guy’ record I felt like ‘I want to make sure that I make something that ties in with The Marshall Mathers LP,’” said Em. “You know, the first one. And I wanted to make it make sense that if I’m gonna go down this road, this could be—be ready for what’s about to happen. So, it’s kinda like to me the song the way I was thinking when I wrote it was like ‘What if this nightmare just happened that I decided to do this album and everything just started coming back on me?’ Matthew came back, Stan’s little brother, and he came back to kill me. Just all this shit just started happening.

“So, it was kinda like ‘Bad Guy’ to me is more like, technically to me, is more like an intro to the album,” he added. “Like ‘Okay, this is what’s about to happen. Here it is.’ And then picking up from the ‘Criminal’ skit where The Marshall Mathers LP left off. I don’t know if anyone caught that, but that’s kind of where the continuation starts.”

Similar to “Stan,” the first few verses on “Bad Guy” are performed by Eminem, but from the perspective of someone else. The song is told from the perspective of Matthew Mitchell, Stan’s little brother, and takes on an ominous tone similar to the record’s predecessor, “Stan.” Like “Stan,” “Bad Guy” also concludes with a verse from Eminem as himself.

Released on November 5, The Marshall Mathers LP 2 sold just short of 800,000 copies in its first week and debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. And as a result of the album’s release, a number of other albums from the Detroit wordsmith also saw an increase in sales, including The Marshall Mathers LP, which leapt from #106 to #30 on the charts this week.

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