Scott Storch says he was interested in having a life-long commitment with Lil’ Kim, whom he dated in the mid-2000s.

“If she’d of married me, I probably would have married her, too,” Storch says in an interview with VladTV. “She’s a sweetheart. That’s my little baby, but she’s to this day a good friend and she’s family and I’ll never turn my back on her.” 

Storch said the two met when he offered her a ride to her hotel. He says he dropped her off and that the two exchanged phone numbers. “I called her probably the second I woke up the next day,” he says.

Storch says he thinks Lil’ Kim was adorable on the cover of her Hard Core album, which was released in 1996. He would not say what he thought of Lil’ Kim’s plastic surgeries, which took place after the release of Hard Core.

“Man, that ain’t none of my business,” Storch said. “I have no opinion…That really wasn’t my place [to speak to her about her getting plastic surgery]. I think she still looks cool now, but it is what it is. That’s her thing.”

Nonetheless, Storch did compare Lil’ Kim to another famous musician who had multiple plastic surgeries.

“Look at Michael Jackson,” Storch says. “It just becomes a thing. I think that’s an addiction in itself.”

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