Shortly following the launch of Kanye West’s Yeezus tour, the Chicago emcee garnered much attention due to his choice of tour apparel and his decision to add a man dressed as Jesus during his “Jesus Walks” tour performance.

During a recent interview with Vlad TV, Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar expressed his thoughts on Kanye’s tour apparel, specifically a t-shirt with an image of the Confederate flag on it. The New York emcee, who previously shared his thoughts on white artists in Hip Hop, was more concerned over Ye’s lack of an explanation for the Confederate flag-emblazoned t-shirts.

“Why would a black man sell a t-shirt with a Confederate flag and a skull over it? I mean, tell me your reasoning,” said Lord Jamar. “You see, this is where arrogance comes in. To me, it’s like you do some shit, but you don’t explain what you’re doing or why you’re doing it…If you trying to say ‘Alright, the Confederate flag, but I put a skull over it saying that that shit is dead.’ Aight, maybe. Maybe I could understand that. But you just putting it out there just for interpretation. You know what I mean? And let people interpret it however they want to interpret it. So, you gotta be prepared for whatever backlash or misinterpretations that you might get from that. I don’t know what that shit is all about. I would never wear that shit. And I hope no black people would wear no shit like that.”

Lord Jamar was also asked to share his thoughts on the addition of a white Jesus on the Yeezus tour. The rapper again expressed confusion as he questioned why Kanye would include someone he feels isn’t “historically accurate” appearance-wise. He later went on to state that Kanye has a “confused mind.”

“Again, I don’t understand it. I don’t understand—like I didn’t hear the whole dialogue between the two,” said Lord Jamar. “So, I don’t have the full understanding between that. I know there was some dialogue between them, but I couldn’t hear it at the time I saw the small clip. But again, I need some sort of explanation. I need some sort of make your understanding understood to me so that I don’t just have to go on just bits and pieces…White Jesus we know isn’t historically accurate. So, why would you do that? Like it’s not historically accurate. So, why do that…To me, it’s the theatre of a confused mind.”

The particular piece of tour apparel Lord Jamar addressed in his interview with Vlad TV is a t-shirt, which features an image of the Confederate flag with a skull over it and the words, “I ain’t comin’ down.” Other items sold during the Yeezus tour include a tote bag with the Confederate flag pictured on it and a t-shirt with the image of a skeleton wearing a Native American-style headdress.

Although the Chicago wordsmith did break down the reasoning behind the Jesus appearance, he has yet to offer an explanation for his choice in tour apparel.

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