The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is slated to drop this Tuesday (November 5) with numerous singles and a video for the track “Berzerk” already released.

A video for the second single, “Rap God” has reportedly been shot as the Detroit Free Press recently caught up with Eminem during the video shoot and he gave insight on his upcoming release. Em said a lot of the reason he made the LP a sequel to his 10x platinum-selling second album is because people around him said it reminded them of his earlier days in Hip Hop.

“While recording the album, people who would hear a song would say it reminded them of the first time they heard me,” Eminem said when discussing reasons for the title.” The more I listened to it, the more it made sense to call it that… We knew that if we called it that, we needed to have the right songs. There needs to be a certain kind of vibe.”

Reportedly shooting the video in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan, Eminem also talked about his involvement in his own music videos.

“I’m always imagining shooting video; visualizing the picture. What everything could, should look like,” he said. “I’m always thinking about music videos and ideas, concepts. I do that for almost all of my songs.”

Eminem On Working With Rick Rubin On “MMLP2”

“I felt like a kid in the studio working with Rick,” Eminem when asked about Rick Rubin’s involvement in the album. “Obviously, it’s an incredible honor. The way he can dip in and out of different genres … he’s like Yoda, a Jedi master.”

Eminem recently spoke with DJ Whoo Kid’s Shade 45 show specifically about recording with Rick Rubin, one of the executive producers of the project. He said he was intimidated by Rubin but became more comfortable as time progressed. He relayed similar sentiments during the interview with the Free Press.

“Once the nerves wore off, you just see how cool he is, and I instantly became comfortable telling him about different ideas, things that weren’t fully worked out yet that I would’ve been afraid to say in front of him. He’s like, ‘I’m just somebody who’s thinking about things for you.’ We just ran ideas off each other, lots of what-ifs. It was great.”

Read the full behind the scenes piece on Eminem’s latest album via the Detroit Free Press.

(November 3)

UPDATE: Eminem has released a teaser for his “Rap God” music video. It can be found below.

(November 21)

UPDATE #2: Eminem has released the video for “Rap God.” It can be viewed below.

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