This week, the Horseshoe Gang celebrates the release of Crooked I Presents: Top Ramen N!&&@. Crooked I recently spoke with HipHopDX about the crew, which consists of Demetrius Capone, Kenny Siegel, Andrew “Dice” Dinero and Julius Luciano

During an interview with HipHopDX, Crook explained why he’s proud of their skills. 

“They got the metaphors,” Crooked I said. “They got the punchlines. They got the rhyme flow, the patterns. They really understand Hip Hop. They’re hungry and humble. I mean, they got the ingredients man. Those dudes are stars.” 

Top Ramen N!&&@ is the latest effort from the group. It’s a project that Crooked I says he stands behind.

“I think really just a different side of the group,” Crooked I said, speaking about the album. “It’s always going to have the raw impactful lyrics, but it’s been a struggle growing up the way we all grew up. The best therapy to that is really getting it all out, putting it in the music and having people who have similar struggles or people who could just feel you reach back to you on Twitter or Instagram and say, ‘Hey, that song that you made really touched me,’ or ‘It moved me,’ or ‘I could relate to it.’ These are the things that are therapeutic. So that whole album is really, it’s a story, man. People will get to know them even better, as human beings, as well as emcees.” 

In October 2012, Luciano spoke with HipHopDX about how struggles helped shape members of the crew.

“Hardship builds character so we all can learn something from misfortune,” he said during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “The struggle we’ve endured has shaped the way we view life now. The struggle has also taught us to always be humble.” 

Crooked I Presents: Top Ramen N!&&@ is the gang’s follow-up to #TrueStory, a project they released September 2012. Crooked I, K-Young and Kobe make appearances on this latest endeavor.

Horseshoe Gang’s Crooked I Presents: Top Ramen N!&&@ can be streamed below, via

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