Joe Budden fans twice as much reason to look forward two the next Slaughterhouse album: not only will the project feature Budden (as usual), but it will also take on the flavor of earlier Joe Budden work.

“I’m really looking forward to the Slaughterhouse project, partly because this album will be very much like earlier Joe Budden albums,” said Budden in an interview with MTV’s RapFix Live. “Very deep, very introspective and very personal. All of the guys really went in, took it to a different place and just dug much deeper this album, so I really can’t wait for the release of this one to see how fans take to it.”

Budden also compared recording solo work versus projects with Slaughterhouse. “[Those projects] are apples and oranges,” he said. “To go from Slaughterhouse where you have to contribute one verse and some thoughts, to having to construct an entire song on your own, it’s just two different worlds, but I appreciate them both for what they both are.”

Regardless, Budden cautions there might be a wait for the next Slaughterhouse project. “We’re not [releasing] nothing while [Eminem] is coming out,” said Budden. “Let him go ahead and sell his 20 million records and then when he’s finished, we’ll roll out,” he said, laughing.

Watch the interview below:

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Last year, Slaughterhouse released their second studio album welcome to: Our House, their first on Shady Records. Budden released his third studio album, No Love Lost, on E1 Music, in 2013.

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