Mann has released The Expansion Tape mixtape, which is hosted by DJ Base. The project from the West Los Angeles rapper features guest appearances from Lanaa Mak, Skeme, BEeFf, Kevo Da Kid and Shawn Chrystopher, among others.

The mixtape is described as a project made to better express the ideas and development of Peacelife, a concept that promotes conscious evolution, a non-sectarian society, anti-violence, global and environmental awareness, love, compassion and going beyond spiritual culture. 

In an exclusive interview with earlier this year, Mann said that Mase’s debut album Harlem’s World is his favorite album of all time. Mann, though, was only about five years old when Harlem World was released. He knew the Bad Boy project from one of his older cousins, who would play the album in the car when they were together.

Mann became infatuated with the Harlem World throughout the years and bought the album when he was old enough to purchase music on his own. “I really did my research on Mase after that,” Mann says. “Like just the way he put Harlem out there, and the way he kinda was like the flagship [artist for Harlem] and put his city on. He was like the main fly rapper from the city. It was like, ‘That’s who I wanted to be.’ That was the first real artist I really liked.”

Mann’s The Expansion Tape can be downloaded at

The Expansion Tape cover art, tracklisting and stream are as follows.

1. “Soul Searching” (Produced by Red Vision)

2. “Hooked On Phonics” (Produced by Laze & Royal)

3. “All Night Long” f. Skeme (Produced by Ry Reel)

4. “Something New” (Produced by Nate Foxx)

5. “Burn It Down” f. Lanaa Mak (Produced by Tree Lo)

6. “Abundance” f. BEeFf (Produced by Rob Holliday)

7. “Elements” f. Kevo Da Kid (Produced by Rey Reel)

8. “107.5” f. Shawn Chrystopher (Produced by THC)

9. “On My Way” f. Stoney The Dealer & El Co (Produced by Beat Boy)

10. “Rather Dream” (Produced by Sounds)

11. “Love Is Back” f. Tone Oliver (Produced by Dnez)

12. “Autumn” (Produced by Matty Trump)

13. “Permission” (Produced by Jelly Roll)

14. “Babylon” f. Matik (Produced by Wundermine)

15. “Peace Life” (Produced by Red Vision)

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