Diddy’s Revolt TV network is set to make its debut today (October 21). During a promotional run for his network, Diddy discussed the significance of the channel for music fans. He also spoke about how this network is a triumphant effort for him.

“I went to watch the joint 12 Years a Slave this weekend,” Diddy said in an interview with New York radio station Power 105.1. “It touched me as far as this whole blessing that’s going on today. Two hundred years ago, we were slaves. Now we owning networks.” 

Diddy also spoke about why he decided to embark on this endeavor.  

“Music is consumed at an all-time high right now,” he said. “If you think about it, in the next five years, television will be everywhere. It will be on your mobile devices. It will be everywhere. It will be worldwide. That’s really the opportunity I saw. I saw there was no ESPN of music. There was no CNN of music. There was no one trusted destination.”

When asked about BET and MTV, Diddy said that other networks have deviated from music-centered programming.  

“They changed their business plan,” Diddy said. “Sometimes you’ve gotta stay focused and be one thing and do one thing great. That’s what we’re gonna do with music. Our whole thing is also having enough fearlessness to play what doesn’t normally get played with all the different alternative artists.” 

During the interview, Diddy also said that he has high expectations for his network’s programming. 

“We’re gonna raise the bar from a performance level and a video level to make sure we have a bar of excellence you have to achieve to get played on Revolt,” Diddy said. 

Diddy Says He Wants Revolt TV To Feature Young Talent

During the radio interview, Diddy also said that he hopes his network showcases young talent.  

“I want the on-air talent to be young,” Diddy said. “No disrespect to the 40-somethings, but that’s not really the look that I want. I want to be young and progressive and aggressive.”

Diddy also said that he understands the network is set to face challenges.

“It’s gonna take time for us to find our voice,” Diddy said. “We’re gonna make a lot of mistakes.”

According to Diddy, the network will focus its first six-to-12 months on becoming a destination for music aficionados. Diddy also said that he has programs planned out which will include debate formats and real-time news updates. 

In March 2012, Diddy spoke about his goals for the network.

“I started my own new network,” Diddy said on The Today Show. “It’s called Revolt and it will be the number one name in music. We will play what the others are afraid to play. We’re bringing the soul back to music. So everybody check that.”  

Additional information on the network can be found at revolt.tv

Diddy’s interview with Power 105.1 can be found below.  

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