This past Summer, Philadelphia emcee Gillie Da Kid dropped the track “King Me,” which many interpreted to be a Meek Mill diss.

“You niggas throwin’ stones at a glass house,” rhymed Gillie on the chorus. “You niggas don’t be livin’ what you rap ’bout.” On the track, Gillie continues by saying, “I’m the king. You a pawn. You sucka niggas be alarmed,” followed by, “You pussy nigga. I’m the don. You rookie nigga. I’m LeBron.”

The track was interpreted to be a diss to Meek because it was released shortly after Meek claimed the title of “King of Philadelphia” on Twitter. Meek would go on to respond to Gillie on “Panamera.”

In a recent interview with Mike T the Movie Star, Gillie spoke about the beef.

“Me and Meek ran into each other on South Street,” said Gillie. “Meek is my youngin, so we always gonna be good. It’s competitive.”

Gillie explained that the situation had was overblown. “Honestly, ‘King Me’ wasn’t a diss record towards Meek Mills. I’m pretty sure Meek knew that, even though the blogs took it and said it was a diss record. It wasn’t a diss record. First of all, anyone that know me know I don’t do indirect diss records. If I got a problem with you, I just say ‘fuck you,’ and it is what it is. One thing about me… I mean what I say, and I stand for what I say. If I said something, and I see you, then I said that.”

“‘King Me’ was never a diss record. It was already out in Philly before any of the Instagram, Twitter, any of that. …Only really outside of Philly thought that was a diss record. Me and Meek seen each other. We good.”

Watch the interview below:

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