Controversy between Wale and his Twitter followers is nothing new, as the rapper has beefed with Kola Boof, David Otunga, and others via the social networking platform.

Now, however, it’s a fellow Hip Hop artist going at the Washington, D.C. native.

On Sunday (October 6), Wale took to Twitter to ask his followers what the best anime series was:

On Monday (October 7), Sir Michael Rocks decided to give his input, criticizing Wale for asking the question:

Wale responded, at first not realizing that it was the Cool Kids member who tweeted him:

When Wale realized who was calling him out, the rapper quickly changed his tone:


The two emcees exchanged parting shots, with Wale seemingly promising more to come:


The Cool Kids’ most recent album was 2001’s When Fish Ride Bicycles, though Mikey Rocks’ has released two mixtapes since in 2012’s Lap of Lux and 2013’s While You Wait.

Wale released his third album, The Gifted, in 2013.

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