“Grand Theft Auto V” has become the fastest-selling entertainment product in history, selling $1 billion worth of units within its first three days.

The popular game features a character named Franklin, voiced by Shawn Fonteno. As a recent interview with TMZ, it turns out that Fonteno has ties with Hip Hop history. Fonteno used to go by the emcee name “Solo,” a rapper hailing from the Los Angeles area.

In the Beef 2 DVD, it was revealed that Solo was in the middle of a “business feud” with Ice Cube in during the time when Cube was embroiled in a beef with Cypress Hill. In the video, it was alleged that Ice Cube started a fight at a traffic light with Solo. “Knocked him down, knocked him out,” said Solo in the video (beginning at 9:55 below). “Woke him back up. Whooped on his ass. Somehow his chain fell in my hand. I don’t know how it got in my hand, but, it fell in my hand. Then, all of the sudden, his Rolex start jumping off and coming into my hand. I dunno how that happened,” said the rapper, smirking.

In the interview with TMZ, the connection was made between Fonteno and the long-over Hip Hop feud. “That’s my dude, homie. We both hustlers, homie,” said Fonteno of the altercation. “So it is what it is. He from South Central, I’m from South Central. That shit’s over with. And Cube, holla at yo boy, man. You know what it is. We gonna do some big things.”

Asked whether he had won the fight with Cube, Fonteno simply replied, “Man, I can’t say that. Ask the public. Ask everybody that know about it. The streets’ll tell you.”

Watch the interview below:

Interestingly, the “GTA V” soundtrack includes Ice Cube’s “You Know How We Do It,” a 1994 track from the album Lethal Injection, where Cube shouts out Solo: “Kam and Solo, they got nuts,” he rhymes.

Fonteno has also acted in The Wash, a 2001 film starring Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, with features from DJ Pooh, Kurupt, Ludacris, Xzibit, Eminem, and more.

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