This past June, 2 Chainz was a victim of a robbery in San Francisco, California. The story quickly made headlines, as the rapper denied that he was robbed, but was later contradicted by then-bodyguard Harold “Hammer Strength” Folsom.

In an interview on VladTV, the Atlanta rapper addressed his bodyguard’s interview. “He’s not my bodyguard anymore,” revealed Chainz. “I didn’t hear his interview. I don’t know what happened. I don’t have anything negative to say. Coming from where I come from, there’s certain instincts that you have. There’s certain reflexes you have, and I can’t expect everyone… You know, they have fire drills in school. But they don’t tell you what’s going to happen if it’s a real fire in the school. They don’t expect people to line up, and stop drop and roll.”

“The experiences that I went through besides San Francisco, the experiences that I go through in life period: there ain’t no rehearsal for it,” added 2 Chainz. “And so, I can’t expect everybody to know what to do, how to move, how to do certain things, because it’s different habitats.”

Ultimately, 2 Chainz believes the matter is no longer an issue. “For me, not even answering that how I feel about that, I pretty much think I moved on. It was two guys, it was guns, I didn’t lose a chain, I lost a piece of ID, and I think I’m fine. I don’t drive anyway. The license was five dollars, I didn’t get hurt, I didn’t get shot, I didn’t die, I did a show the same day, I didn’t snitch. Nothing happened. It happened, it was posted, TMZ loves puttin’ up stuff, and I kind of moved on. Did I feel some type of way? Yeah, because you got people saying they took something from me when ain’t nobody took nothin’. Did I get over it? Sooner than people can imagine, because I’m from that.”

2 Chainz suggested that anyone assessing the situation think about it realistically. “Anywhere in the world at four o’clock, you just gotta imagine gunshots, and what people would probably normally do. Except the imagination of people on social media who feel they can do karate and disarm.”

Watch the interview below:

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