At a recent event commemorating what would have been Eazy-E‘s 50th Birthday, emcee and producer Cold 187um a/k/a/ Big Hutch from Above The Law responded to a recent Warren G interview with HipHopDX, in which the 213 rapper-producer acknowledged Big Hutch as the primary creator of the G-Funk sound which would go on to define a generation.

“I’m really proud of Warren for stepping to the plate and saying, ‘This is why we got here,'” Big Hutch said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “I never was saying what they were doing was wack. I just happened to say, ‘Give me mine.’ I’m good with the fact that we had great success from doing G-Funk. What I influenced the music industry with was a great sound to people, so I’m happy about that and I’m glad they acknowledge me now.”

In the recent HipHopDX interview, Warren G detailed the origination of the innovative sound.

“G-Funk came from a friend of mine and Dre’s, Cold 187um [aka Big Hutch] from Above The Law,” Warren G said. “I used to live with him, Laylaw, KMG, Go Mack and Total K-Oss, and we used to call it G-Funk when we was making music. I used to be in there trying to deejay and create music when I was living with them. They started with that, and I became a part of it, so I had my own branch of it. When I did my thing, I kept the same name with my version of the G-Funk.”

Big Hutch, who came out to honor the late Eazy-E, also opened up about the passing of another West Coast great, his Above The Law partner-in-rhyme, KMG.

“That was my brother,” Hutch said. “I’ve been in the music industry 20-something years and the whole time I’ve been around him making music so for me it’s a major loss. It’s a tragic thing when we lose people so young and then it’s another tragic thing when you done something your whole adult life with somebody and I can’t [make music] with him anymore.”

Hutch revealed plans to release two new Above The Law albums, both of which will feature new music that the group had been working on before KMG passed away in July 2012

“We finished a lot of new music before he passed, so we’re putting out a new Above The Law Record, actually two records are coming out,” Hutch said. “We got the R.I.P. record coming out hopefully in February, and then we got another record and a book coming [after that].”

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