RiFF RaFF is one of today’s most visible personalities. The Mad Decent-signee is on tour with Rock The Bells and he also recently collaborated with Drake on the “Started From The Bottom Remix” and is nearing the release of his Diplo-produced debut album, NEON iCON.

RiFF RaFF’s profile is rapidly increasing, but some wonder whether the rapper is sincere about what he’s shared about his past or present. A recent LA Weekly cover story investigated the Houston, Texas rapper’s background and upbringing. The report concludes that RiFF RaFF “faked his [image] until he made it,” similar to countless stars before him, and that the consensus among those closest to him is that they believe “that he thrived not by assuming a gimmicky identity but by being himself.”

In a collection of outtakes released today by LA Weekly (September 19), RiFF RaFF comments on his forthcoming album, NEON iCON.

“This is gonna be my best work so that’s why it’s taking so long,” says the artist born Horst Simco. “We wanna make sure that all the songs are the best. It’s not a mixtape. It’s not going to be like my normal stuff that I just put out. [First single] ‘Dolce & Gabbana’ as far as I’m concerned that ain’t going to be on the album. It ain’t good enough for my album.”

RiFF RaFF also says he admires “everything” about fellow Houston rapper, Paul Wall.

“It’s about the music, it’s about a whole way of life,” the “RAiDERS vs. HAWKS” artist says. “You just have to be there. I can’t explain it. It’s fun. What can I say? It’s like askin’ kids, ‘Why is riding roller coasters fun?’ It’s all just fun.”

Along with describing his mentality as “luxurious carelessness,” RiFF RaFF shares how he overcomes adversity.

“When you have people saying that you’re lying or doing this and that, and staying against you, you have two choices,” he says. “You can either fall under pressure or you can use that as fuel to the fire. So now I’m like a damn Amazon forest but just caught on fire so it’s like you can’t just throw water at me and put me out. That’s some bullshit-ass water right there. It’s not that easy.”

NEON iCON does not have a release date. In a recent interview on DJ Skee’s “Skee Live,” RiFF RaFF said that Big Sean and The Fitz And The Tantrums are featured on the project.

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