As part of its five-year anniversary, Holographic Pagoda Recordings is scheduled to release Lone Ninja‘s album, Trapdoors And Secret Passageways, November 12. The 12-track album will be produced exclusively by 5 Element Ninja (aka Lord Beatjitzu), who has produced for Dom Pachino of Killarmy and 9th Prince.

Lone Ninja’s previous solo projects are the Covert Operative EP and its follow-up, Burnt Sector.

Together with June Marx, Lone Ninja is part of the group Twin Perils. The group has released such albums as Dark Alliance and World Supremacy.

The Trapdoors And Secret Passageways cover art and tracklisting are as follows:

1. “Apparition”

2. “Ulterior Motives”

3. “Possessed”

4. “Warpath”

5. “Mad Wolf”

6. “Inner Demons”

7. “Plagued Village”

8. “Mystic Defender”

9. “Rage of Honor”

10. “Ambush”

11. “Winding Staircase”

12. “Tranquil Mind”

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