Last week, fans got a taste of what was expected to be the first single off of the Wu Affiliate super group Killarmy’s long-awaited reunion album. Now, in a recent interview with Wu-International, Killarmy alum Dom Pachino says that fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for a reunion.

Dom explained that fellow Killarmy member 9th Prince had posted their recent song “One Shot” for digital purchase without any of the other group members’ consent. He also added that 9th has a history of going behind the group’s back to profit off their unreleased material, dating back to the song “We Supreme” that appeared on the 2008 re-release of 9th’s Prince of New York album.

“To be honest, 9th [Prince] posted [‘One Shot’] would be the first single without the other members even hearing it,” he said. “I don’t even think Shogun or 4th [Disciple] heard it to this day unless they got Bugz album. And B9 said he didn’t feel it for a single, so how was it gonna be the first single? It was lying around for months and I hit Bronze [Nazareth] up and ask if he mind if I used it for one of my projects. He said no doubt fam. That’s all the permission I need from the man himself.”

He added, “I was 100 percent in even after a lot of turmoil and issues from past dealings but decided to do it for something I felt was a bigger picture, the Killarmy legacy. As you see, I was promoting it inside the Bugsy album. But after the same selfish antics that held the album up in the first place continued, I mean come on man, you gotta know when to say when. It was a struggle just to get the whole squad on deck to participate in the first place. My dedication was to the point I drove to Ohio in my Lex with 9th riding shotgun cause it was more convenient for the Ohio members. There were numerous phone conferences amongst the Arm prior to that trip and one of the concerns that got addressed was [no one would do anything with the tracks unless the whole group agree]. Simple. Since there was issues with 9th using Army tracks for his Babygrande re-release of [Prince of New York] cause Chuck [Wilson, CEO of Babygrande] needed more ammo since it already was released and what better than some Killarmy tracks right? 9th needed a quick check. But the thing is that we recorded them at my spot and the ‘We Supreme’ joint was an old joint that didn’t make our last album and I was the only one who had it. So 9th ask me to make him a CD just to listen to and I say, ‘Yo don’t use it on no bullshit,’ he says nah god and laughs as usual. That’s why you hear the ‘We Supreme’ hook was on Power Rulez album cause I was gonna change it for the Army project. As you now start to see this is his MO.”

Dom also said that 9th Prince did the group dirty on another deal involving a greatest hits collection from Killarmy. At the same time, however, Dom says that his personal grievances aren’t the only things keeping the reunion on hiatus. Although he did not mention any specifics, he said that other members of the group feel slighted by 9th’s actions.  

“[T]his is not the first stunt [9th Prince] pulled,” Pachino explained. “Some time ago, he got a check cut to his gov name only on behalf of a Killarmy greatest hits album to be released via Music Access, and the way I find out again is by seeing it in the Wu forum…he always had my number and still does but never told me or any of the other men involved, and I spoke to more than one of the members at that time and they had no idea. Last time I checked, Killarmy was a group.

“I contacted the owner [of the label releasing the collection] and asked to either be compensated or hear from my lawyer and he choose option B, and said quote, ‘Ya’ll suppose to be a group and he didn’t let you know? That’s some sucker shit’…my thing is because I won’t tolerate funny style business, the fans don’t get a Killarmy album. Sorry, but if the cipher ain’t right and exact, I can’t partake in it…the issues between me and 9th aren’t the [only] reason why Killarmy won’t release an album. There’s other parties involved that ain’t participating but would if shit was right, I’m sure.”

DX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.