Drake caused a stir when he released the track “Wu-Tang Forever” earlier this week.

The track, featured on Drizzy’s upcoming album Nothing Was the Same, samples “It’s Yourz” from the Wu’s sophomore release, Wu-Tang Forever.

In an interview with VIBE, Wu member U-God revealed that the Clan has already recorded a remix to the cut.

“They wanted us to remix it and get on there [so] you gon’ probably hear another one with us on it,” revealed Golden Arms in San Francisco, prior to the Wu’s scheduled Rock the Bells performance. “Meth did his verse—we all did our verses. I wrote my rhyme in probably 15, 20 minutes. We were moving so fast we only had about four hours of studio time. If I had some time to really sit down and get juicy with it, I probably could’ve got juicier with it. But I still do a nice one, I still do a real banger.”

The Wu members recorded their verses to the track’s instrumental in Europe earlier this summer.

“I’ve been bigging up Drake for a while,” added U-God. “Plus he [sampled] the song that me and Rae jumped off so it made me feel real good. I’ve been in the game a long time and I really don’t get that much love. It’s positive.”

However, it seems not all of the Wu’s members on on board with the cut. Though Wu-Tang endorsed the track, Inspectah Deck criticized the track via his Twitter account, saying the track “should not wear the title ‘Wu-Tang Forever.'”

Though U-God didn’t address INS’ thoughts on the track, he did speak on Wu fans who had negative reactions to it. “Our fans are some of the hardest fucking critics ever,” said U-God, laughing. “You try something new, they get mad at you. I love my fans but we have some real meticulous hard fans… If I do a song with Prince, Wu-Tang fans are going to be mad. They really don’t like us meshing with nobody else.

“I tell my fans, you gotta let it ride,” he continued. “We want to get together with people and have fun, man. I’m tired of us being looked at like we’re unapproachable or antisocial. My Wu-Tang fans need to chill and just let bygones be bygones.”

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