Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever” has been released. The song is a much-discussed selection off of Drake’s upcoming album, Nothing was the Same. On the song, Drake discusses his upbringing, his friendships and his success.

“I just gave the city life,” Drake says on the track, which dropped today (September 12). “It ain’t about who did it first. It’s about who did it right / Niggas lookin like ‘Preach’ / Open cases on me for a half a million each / I find peace knowing that it’s harder in the streets / I know. Luckily, I didn’t have to grow there / I would only go there / ‘Cause there’s niggas that I know there.”

Drake also appears to discuss troubles with Chris Brown and their nightclub brawl, which resulted in multiple lawsuits.

“I don’t know what’s getting in to me,” Drake says. “I just like the rush when you see your enemy / Somewhere in the club and you realize he just not in a position to reciprocate your energy / You ain’t ever worried ’cause he’s not who he pretend to be.”

On the song, Drake also addresses the status of his friendship with fellow “Degrassi” actor, Mazin Elsadig.

“People like Mazin who was a best friend to me / Start to become a distant memory / Things change in that life and this life started lacking synergy / And fucking with me, I think it’s meant to be.”

Drake referred to Elsadig as his “best friend” during an MTV interview in 2010.

This is the latest release from Drake off of his forthcoming album Nothing was the Same, a project set to be released September 24. The album follows 2011’s Take Care. In 2010, Drake released his debut full-length album, Thank Me Later, via Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records and Universal Motown.

Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever” can be streamed on HipHopDX. It can also be streamed below via XVRecords.  

Drake’s inspiration for the title of the song likely comes from Wu-Tang Forever, the title of Wu-Tang Clan’s second album, a double-disc released in 1997 through Loud Records. On this song, Drake also borrows a line from Raekwon’s verse from “It’s Yourz,” a selection off Wu-Tang Forever

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