Former child Rap star Romeo has emerged relatively unscathed from a car accident that very well could have been fatal.

TMZ caught up with the 24-year-old, who was just happy to be alive. “Blessed to be alive, to be honest, man. Fresh from the hospital. You know I got into that car accident… I walked out like Moses, though. I walked out, real talk, basically just scratches on me.”

Romeo somberly reflected on what the incident could have meant for him. “Honestly, I’m just happy to be here. To all my fans out there…I could’ve been gone. I got a collision, seventy miles-per-hour on my side of the car… Really put things in perspective.”

“I was asleep. It was like movie,” he added. “Everybody out there, just be grateful, because you never know.”

“I just made my twenty-fourth birthday, and I was about to be gone just a week later. I’m very grateful.”

Watch the interview below:

Romeo is the son of Master P. He was signed to P’s No Limit label, where he released two gold-certified studio albums. He is currently the CEO of No Limit Forever, an independent record label.

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