Although Drake’s OVO sponsored King of the Dot’s “World Domination 4,” the Toronto emcee was unable to attend the Battle Rap event in Canada. Instead, Drake attended MTV’s Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, New York. Drake took a moment to explain his absence from the event in a video released by KOTD. 

“It’s killing me that I’m stuck in New York right now, rehearsing for VMAs,” Drake said in the clip. “I’ve been watching the pay-per-view on live stream. Me and Organik spent so much time going back-and-forth on the phone trying to piece these battles together. Some of these battles are like dream battles that I wish I was there to see in person.” 

After lamenting his absence, Drake also took time to share gratitude for others who made the event possible. 

“Thank you to everybody that came out to battle,” Drake said. “The scene is getting so much bigger. King of the Dot is getting so much bigger. Thank you to the fans who showed up to the event and everybody watching online. Shout out to Organik. Shout out to Gully. Shout out to Lush One, my dog. Shout out to everyone who makes this possible.”

The three-day event, which is still available for pay-per-view streaming, was recapped by Lush One in two exclusives to HipHopDX. Lush discussed various battles from the event, including DNA versus Charron, Dizaster versus Arsonal and Pat Stay versus Arcane

Drake also tweeted about the event as it was taking place, on Sunday (August 25). 

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