Houston, Texas native RiFF RaFF and his lawyers have officially hit TheDirty.com with a cease and desist letter in regards to pictures of the rapper allegedly masturbating in front of a female hair stylist.

According to a letter obtained by TMZ, RiFF RaFF’s lawyers claim that their client “vehemently denies the allegations contained in TheDirty.com’s article.” The letter also claims that the use of unauthorized photographs for their commercial gain is in violation of California law. 

The rapper’s lawyers also threaten legal action. Tabetha Plummer, the author of the letter writes, “Failure to promptly comply with this request will result in my client pursuing any and all legal remedies available to him.”

See a full excerpt of the letter below and view all released documents relating to the case over at TMZ.

First, your story’s title is misleading. It gives the impression that your story contains facts as opposed to lies and accusations. My client vehemently denies the allegations contained in your article. Further, unauthorized photographs of my client are posted on your site for TheDirty.com’s commercial gain and for the purpose of injuring my client’s reputation in the entertainment industry in violation of California law. Accordingly, we hereby demand that you immediately remove the article, all photographs (including disabling any and all active links to the photographs), related comments and any and all posts (and comments) on any social media site (including but not limited to your personal Twitter and Tweetwood accounts).

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