In a rare television appearance on the “Kris Jenner Show,” rapper Kanye West finally shed some light on his increased encounters with the paparazzi. The Yeezus crafter made note of the fact that the paparazzi are only present “to make money off of you” and credited that purpose as the reason why he’s hardly ever pictured smiling.

Kanye also addressed what he feels is the “emotional bullying” done by paparazzi and compared their antics to that of a high school bully.

“It’s hard to smile when you know that people—for one thing, they’re around you only to make money off of you,” Kanye revealed. “If you’re around people that are only there to make money off of you, you already feel like, ‘Wait a second, these aren’t your friends.’ So, if you’re around your friends, your friends make you smile. If you’re around someone—like think about if when you were in high school. If there was someone that came up to you every day to take your money. To get in your pocket. There’s nothing they can say to you that makes it better. It’s almost worse when they say something positive.”

“The thing that makes me more happy than anything is to not see them,” he continued. “So, if you see them obviously I’m not gonna smile. And it becomes a bit of like an emotional bullying. Someone taunting you as you’re getting on an airplane or taunting you as you’re just going to get yogurt.”

Despite the rapper’s larger than life persona both on-stage and in his music, he confessed to being a shy individual during his nearly hour-long interview with Kris Jenner, the mother of Kim Kardashian.

“People would never understand that,” said Kanye, in regards to his timidness. “When I’m on stage or when I’ve like finished a new album, I can talk about the album and say ‘Hey, I love this album. I think it’s the best thing.’ But when I’m just walking down the street I’m a bit more shy and nervous. And people don’t really—it doesn’t come off when I’m rapping. When I’m rapping, I’m in my place like I’m on the court or something or I’m in the ring. And that’s where I’m my most powerful.”

During his appearance on the “Kris Jenner Show,” Kanye also spoke on his relationship with Kardashian and revealed a picture of their daughter, North West.

Ironically, Kanye’s appearance on the talk show comes shortly after the rapper was named in a lawsuit filed by Los Angeles videographer Daniel Ramos following a physical altercation at LAX.

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