Drake’s OVO is set to sponsor King of the Dot’s latest Battle Rap event, “World Domination 4,” set to take place August 23-August 24.  

“Our goal with ‘World Domination 4’ is to unify the world on a competitive platform for Battle Rap,” Organik said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “‘World Domination’ is the Olympics of Battle Rap. We’re turning our hobby into a respected art form worldwide. This event allows the best in the world to come together and display their skills on one of the most respected stages in the world, King Of The Dot.” 

Organik also addressed Drake’s involvement with King of the Dot and OVO’s sponsorship of “WD4.”

“The Drake sponsorship was something that Drake had proposed to me one day while we were talking,” Organik said. “He is a huge Battle Rap fan and one of, if not the biggest supporters, KOTD has. The OVO sponsorship helped us make the event the monster it is today. Drake is that dude. He really puts on for his city harder then anyone else in the game.”

“World Domination 4” is set to boast a line-up that Drake has called “the best card ever.” It will feature battles including Arsonal versus Dizaster, Charlie Clips versus Hollohan and a title match between Pat Stay and Arcane. A trailer for “WD 4” can be viewed below. 

“World Domination 4” also marks the company’s five-year anniversary. Aspect One and Lush One of KOTD’s Fresh Coast division spoke with HipHopDX about the importance of the event and the anniversary.

“It’s [KOTD’s] fifth year anniversary so that’s a real defining moment of the company,” Aspect said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “It shows the fortitude of the company and how hard Organik, Avi and King Fly and everybody involved is working to make [‘WD4″] what it is. Those dudes put a lot of effort into that.” 

“I think it’s a testament of strength and longevity for King of the Dot,” Lush One added. “It really shows how strong King of the Dot is.” 

In February 2013, Organik spoke with HipHopDX about support from Drake, before the OVO sponsorship was announced. 

“It’s a great feeling,” Organik said. “Drake is a huge supporter of KOTD and the battle movement as a whole. It’s an honor to have someone in his position reach and show as much support as he does. He’s a very humble dude who really puts on for Toronto.” 

UPDATE: King of the Dot released a press conference for the event today (August 23). It can be viewed below.

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