Big Sean, who is slated to release his forthcoming album Hall of Fame August 27, recently spoke about what it was like to record the project. 

“It was therapeutic,” Big Sean said in a recent interview with MTV. “I just hope people sit with it and really get it as a project. I didn’t want to make a project that was one-sided. I didn’t want it to be all turn up, all emo, all this, all that. It’s songs from the intro, ‘Nothing Is Stopping You,’ that just goes to show how I manifested my stuff and it may relate to you, you know what I’m saying. You could take it, apply it to your own story. It’s songs like ‘Ashley’ where everybody may have somebody like that in their life that was there for them, or was their first love, you know what I’m saying. You got songs like ‘World Ablaze’ that if you know somebody who’s had cancer, who’s going through some real life stuff like that, like I had, that was real close to me, you’re going to be able to confide to that song. It’s going to help you cope with it and that’s what I did it for.” 

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Sean also said he didn’t do the album to prove he can rap better than others. 

“I didn’t do it to just be on there and rap as best I can on every track,” Sean said. “I at least wanted to say something to express myself as an artist, because that’s why I am an artist, to express myself, and not to always just try to rap the best on every song. It’s just like, I want to rap the best but I also want to get that point across.

Big Sean’s Hall of Fame is set to feature Nas, Kid Cudi, Young Jeezy, Nicki Minaj and Juicy J, among others. Big Sean recently said that he feels the album is a classic

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