Cassidy has returned with “Picasso Baby [Kendrick Lamar Response],” the second song he’s released in response to Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Big Sean’s “Control.”

On “Picasso Baby [Kendrick Lamar Response],” which was released today (August 20), Cassidy rhymes, “I get fuckin’ busy, so fuck a city, I’m the king of the whole country.”

Cassidy’s inspiration for the line likely comes from Kendrick Lamar calling himself the King Of New York on “Control.”

Cassidy also appears to take aim as Kendrick Lamar’s clothing choices on at least two sections of “Picasso Baby [Kendrick Lamar Response].” The Philadelphia rapper rhymes about a man’s pants being too tight, which would make him the victim of sexual assault in prison, while he also raps, “If you wear tight clothes then you years late / That was back when cats got perms to make their hair straight.”

Cassidy also raps about his status in the Rap game throughout “Picasso Baby [Kendrick Lamar Response].” He rhymes, “Haters say that I’m irrelevant, but them niggas not that intelligent / Keep your mouth closed, dummy.”

Later in the selection, Cassidy raps, “I might fall off someday, but my ‘Control’ freestyle got over a million views in one day / So they should sign me / No label, no machine behind me / Just got my die-hard fans and my team behind me / You would think I had the Army or Marines behind me / You not a soldier, nigga / I’m a expose you, niggas.”

Cassidy ends “Picasso Baby [Kendrick Lamar Response]” by hinting that he has more diss songs for Kendrick Lamar in the pipeline: “I’m just getting started,” he raps. “It’s about to get a lot worse.”  

The Pennsylvania rapper released his “Control Freestyle” August 14. During an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Cassidy said last week (August 14) that he was excited when he first heard Kendrick Lamar’s verse. 

“I was happy when I heard, you know, Kendrick Lamar had the heart to say the things that he said or do the things that he did because I’m a pure Hip Hop head,” Cassidy said. “I can vibe off with certain rappers, but I’m really Hip Hop. I started off, you know, battling and being in thousands of cyphers and running the streets and just rapping is what I do. You know what I’m saying. I didn’t get in the game to be successful or to wear jewelry and drive cars. I got in the game because I really love Hip Hop.” t’s the reason why I had to jump on the track and do what I did to let people know that I’m in the same lane.” 

Cassidy released his first three albums, 2004’s Split Personality, 2005’s I’m A Hustla and 2007’s B.A.R.S. (The Barry Adrian Reese Story), on J Records. Cass said to HipHopDX that he is working on a new mixtape and album and that neither project has an official title. 

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