Young Guru is slated to teach an audio mixing class starting September 4 via Skillshare. 

Young Guru’s video lessons, filmed at SAE Institute New York, are titled “Sound Check: The Essentials of DIY Audio Mixing.” The lessons will cover basics of mixing and recording, according to a press release. Students will also have an opportunity to be a part of a contest, which will be judged by Young Guru and his team, as per the press release.

“Young Guru and his team will pick the 10 best-mixed songs out of the class and the winning students will be provided with a final mixed track courtesy of The Young Guru Mixing and Mastering Studios, along with a pair of AIAIAI headphones,” the press release says. “One winner will also win a special prize pack from, including lifetime membership to the website, access to their full library of soundkits, and admission to Beat Camp NYC at SAE Institute November 1-3.”

Students can sign up for the lessons through Skillshare prior to an official launch slated for September 4. Anyone interested can still join after September 4.

“Requirements for students include a payment of $20, a solid internet connection, and their personal Digital Audio Workstation that has the basic tools for mixing songs such as Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Garage Band, or Fruity Loops,” according to the press release. The class includes four parts, organizing a mix, determining levels, adding effects and recognizing perfect tonal balance.

Contest participants must be registered for the Skillshare class by September 4. More about Young Guru’s class can be found below via Skillshare.

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