Last year, singer/producer Ryan Leslie included the song “Joan Of Arc” on his third studio album, Les Is More. The self-produced song included portions of a voicemail, that may have the Harvard University graduate in court.

The New York Post reports that New York City Police Department Detective Luis Mortimer has sued Ryan Leslie for including his voicemail in the song. Detective Mortimer called Leslie and left a message in 2011 after the Washington, D.C. native was accused of harrassing ex-girlfriend, model Nicole Trunfio.

After Leslie allegedly knocked on Trunfio’s door, following a series of calls, the Australian model contacted police. Although never arrested, Leslie used the voicemail on the song.

“The song has caused [Luis Mortimer] embarrassment and has damaged his credibility as a detective,” said the 37-year-old accuser’s lawyer, Monica Kipiniak. The lawyer and client filed a suit for unspecified amount in damages last week in a Manhattan Supreme Court.

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