Ransom has denied saying that he’s ghostwritten songs for Nicki Minaj. The ghostwriting claims stemmed from a line in Ransom’s “Man Alone” track, which he says has been misinterpreted. 

“Before Nicki was wearing those crazy wigs, I was doing verses for her just hoping she made it big,” Ransom says on the song. When Minaj was told about the line, she said Ransom was “real fucking desperate” and that she doesn’t “need no mothafucking ghostwriter.” 

Minaj’s response to the line can be seen below.

Ransom saw the video and responded. 

“What I meant was, she used to call me to get on her songs,” Ransom said in an interview with TMZ. “Never once did I not pick up the phone for this woman. Did the verses. It was all love. Now this.” 

Ransom also addressed his feelings about Minaj after watching part of the clip. 

“She’s a woman,” Ransom said. “I ain’t got no beef. For me to hate a woman, that’ll make me less of a man.”

Ransom also said that he could not finish watching the entire Minaj interview. 

“I seen the video,” Ransom said. “I couldn’t watch it though. She was real disrespectful but I’m not even gon’ stoop that low…I didn’t mean that. I didn’t mean it like that. [It was taken] out of context. I think she knows that. I think she should apologize but I ain’t even lookin’ for no apology. It is what it is.” 

Ransom reiterated his statements regarding any ghostwriting claims. 

“I never wrote no songs for her,” he said. “We got a lot of songs together though…She overreacted…I didn’t write anything for her. I meant that we did verses together. I did verses for her, for her records. I’ve always helped her. I’ve helped a lot of people, actually.”

Ran’s response to Minaj can be seen below.

In 2012, Ransom denied ghostwriting for Nicki Minaj also. “I’ve done massive joints with her,” Ransom said when asked if Minaj had a ghostwriter by Forbez DVD. “Nah, I done been there with her….I don’t know about now…But I think Nicki still writes her shit. I’ma give her the benefit of the doubt until I see it with my own eyes.”

This interview can be seen below. 

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