While speaking with Vlad TV recently, Compton rapper Problem reportedly shared his belief that crooner Chris Brown, who’s lent his talents as a rapper on the occasional track, is better than most present-day rappers.

Problem cited Breezy’s “non-threatening” approach and the ability to create a melody with his words as the reason why the Virginia songster is one to look out for as an emcee. The West Coast spitter also went on to reference Drake’s singing/rapper career as one of the reasons why Brown should be able to rap when he chooses to do so.

“He’s not afraid to be non-threatening,” Problem explained. “He’s gonna put a whole lot of attitude in each word. He has R&B cadence when he’s rapping. So, it’s a melody that’s gonna be with it at all time. And he’s saying shit…If Drake can sing, he [Chris Brown] should be able to rap.”

Problem’s comments on Brown’s skills as a rapper likely stem from the addition of the singer on his “Like Whaaat (Remix).” On top of a rapping Brown, “Like Whaaat (Remix)” also features Tyga, Master P, and Wiz Khalifa.

In addition to Problem’s thoughts on Brown, the rapper’s relationship with Wiz Khalifa is also discussed during his interview with Vlad TV. According to Problem, although talks of joining Taylor Gang have never been brought to the table, he says he has received a welcoming amount of advice from the Pittsburgh lyricist.

“No, we’ve never had that discussion,” Problem revealed. “He’s more trying to—as a friend telling me the dos and don’ts so I don’t make any mistakes…’Make sure this is intact’ or ‘Get it like this’ or ‘Say this like this.’ We talk like that. How to build my brand. That type of shit.”

Problem’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.

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