Bootie Brown of the Rap group The Pharcyde furthers his solo career, but not as Bootie Brown. The South Central Los Angeles native released his new BirdTalk mixtape this week as his alter ego Frank Friction.

Recently, Brown and fellow Pharcyde member Imani filed a lawsuit against the other two Pharcyde members, Fatlip and Slimkid3, soon after the latter pair announced tour dates under the name of The Pharcyde. The lawsuit claims that Brown and Imani now hold sole ownership over the brand and image of The Pharcyde.

“I really don’t want to talk bad about the other two, but I don’t want there to be as much fighting as there is,” Slimkid3 said during a recent interview. “Fighting is more expensive. We can make so much money together. Eventually we’ll die and history will be whatever it is, but right now we have opportunities to not fight.”

The BirdTalk cover art, tracklist and mixtape download are as follows:

1. “Welcome” f. Kevyn Richmond

2. “Electrifying” (Produced by Primemeridian)

3. “Body” (Produced by Moka Only)

4. “Comin From” (Produced by Moka Only)

5. “Watchin You” (Produced by Boogie Beatr)

6. “2 Sider”

7. “Dollar Remix”

8. “Water Way” f. Scnatcher by OJ Icemaker (Produced by Frank Friction)

9. “Blue Collar Funk” (Produced by Frank Friction)

10. “Change” f. Moka Only (Produced by Frank Friction)

11. “Comfort” f. Uncle Imani / Juie Tee (Produced by Frank Friction)

12. “Faith” f. Casual of Hieroglyphics (Produced by Frank Friction)

13. “Rorki” f. Mayna Rodgriguez (Produced by Frank Friction)

14. “Bounce Out”

BirdTalk can be streamed freely via Spotify:


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